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ReignMakers Hall of Fame

ReignMakers has helped many aspiring young women achieve their dreams of winning the crown and finally becoming a beauty queen. We are extremely proud of each and every one of our successful ladies who embraced their coaching.

Titles won

Kolfinna Mist Austfjord- Miss World Iceland 2019

Kofinna, also known as Misty, came to London for an intense 10 hours f training ahead of her pageant finals where she placed 2nd runner up in her first ever pageant and is now representing her country at Miss World 2019, again in London!

Archna Bhatt- Miss Global International UK 2019

Archna completed the ReignMakers 20 hour Pageant Superstar Package and not only won the title of Miss Global International UK but also placed in the top 10 at the international finals held in Jamaica, well done Archna!

Jasmine Foley - Mrs Galaxy Ireland 2019

Jasmine attended one of the ReignMakers "How to WIN your Pageant" Workshop in November 2018, and then came in the top 5 of her first galaxy competition, and then proceeded to WIN Mrs Galaxy Ireland, coming in the top 5 in the internationals in Florida. A huge well done to Jasmine to demonstrates that planning early and knowing how to win will in fact help you make that dream become a reality!

Lucy Rayner - Miss Teen Diamond UK 2019

Lucy attended the ReignMakers How to Win a Pageant Workshop and then also purchased a 20 hour one to package. her transformation was quite remarkable! she will now be heading towards Las Vega to compete at the Miss Regency internationals.

Sofia Mayers - Miss Diamond UK 2019

Sofia attended the ReignMakers How to WIN a Pageant Workshop, and that exactly what she proceeded to do- win! she will now proceed to compete internationally at Miss Regency in Las Vegas, along with her Mother, Sonja Wilson who also won in the same pageant system.

Sonja Wilson - Miss Classic Diamond UK 2019

Sonja attended the ReignMakers How to WIN a Pageant Workshop and will now go to Las Vegas to compete at Miss Regency Internationals with her daughter who also won the Miss division in the same system.

Kobi-Jean Paris Cole - Miss Great Britain 2018

Kobi won the title on her third attempt at the historical and prestigious British pageant. Kobi will  now continue to train with ReignMakers to prepare her for Miss Tourism World.

Dee-Ann Kentish-Rogers - Miss Universe Great Britain 2018, Miss Universe top 16 finalist. 

Dee-Ann sought advice from ReignMakers before competing at the national finals of Miss universe Great Britain. She attended both the ReignMakers Workshop and also completed a package of one to one coaching. Dee-Ann also continued to prepare with ReignMakers for Miss Universe, where she placed in the top 16.

Eva Bergstein - Miss Intercontinental Sweden 2018

Eva had an online package to develop her pageant preparation and interview technique, and wen ton to compete at Miss Intercontinental in The Philippines.

Vanh Dang - Mrs Divine UK

Vanh purchased a 5 hour package of one to one co

Seema Vashishth- Mrs India World 2018

Seema had a 5 hour online coaching package to prepare for the national finals in her country, proving the ReignMakers philosophy that the most important aspect of a pageant is yourself and your interview technique.

Anna Burdzy - Miss Universe Great Britain 2017, Miss Universe Top 16 Finalist

Anna trained withReignMakers prior to winning her national title. She focused on Personal growth and platform development. After winning MUGB 2017, she continued to train with ReignMakers  to fine tune her on stage skills, and to further strengthen her personal brand. Anna is the first ReignMakers  student to make the Top 16 of the Miss Universe finals, a truly worthy member of the ReignMakers Hall of Fame

Sarah-Jane Hulyer - Miss Kent 2017, Miss Coventry & Warwickshire 2018

Sarah-Jane won Free ReignMakers Coaching to help her prepare for her Miss England Regionals.

Emily Diapre - Miss British Beauty Curve 2017, Miss international Curve Top 3

Emily completed an intense Package of ReignMakers coaching. This enabled her to perfect her onstage posing and performance. However, Emily truly excelled in the personal development lessons, and successfully constructed multiple strong platforms from which to promote herself within her chosen pageant. Emily is also ReignMakers first Plus size beauty queen. She went on to place in the Top 3 of the international finals of Miss International Curve.

Nilanjana Sinha - Mrs Earth India 2017

Nilanjana completed a 5 hour ReignMakers  One-to-One coaching package before flying to India to compete at Mrs Earth India where not only did she win the National title, but scooped up all the awards too. Well Done Nil!

Kirsty Fletcher- Mrs Universal Elegance 2017

Kirsty completed numerous sessions of One-to-One coaching. This focused on her on stage performance including walking, posing and the putting together of a stage routine for her international finals. Having previously competed at prestigious international finals, Kirsty already had a fantastic base of pageantry experience, but with the help of ReignMakers was able to further develop her personal brand through strengthening her platforms, and fine tuning her stage presence. Kirsty successfully won the international title of Mrs Universal Elegance.

Hannah Higgins - Miss Scuba UK 2016

Hannah had one to one ReignMakers Coaching before the national finals of Miss Scuba UK, she came in the top 3 and went to Fortuventura to proceed to win the incredible title. 

Sarah Jegede - Miss Africa GB 2016

Sarah attended a 5 Hour ReignMakers one to one coaching Package and completed the course in two sessions. Having done Pageants before, including Miss Universe Great Britain in 2015, Sarah had already amassed a wealth of knowledge prior to training with ReignMakers , but required some fine tuning in various different areas of pageantry so she could excell. Sarah focucssed on stage techniques and platform developent, to help her achieve her goal of winning Miss Africa GB.

Nelia Martins - Junior Teen Miss Glamorous Beauty UK 2016

Nelia undertook a package of ReignMakers  One-to-One coaching in preparation for her national level pageant. She concentrated mainly on her stage techniques, including Catwalk and Stage presence. The transformation of her on stage 'performance' was incredible, and it's no wonder why in addition to her strong interview technique for just 15 years of age, that she took her category by storm. Well Done Nelia!

Jaime-Lee Faulkner - Miss Universe Great Britain 2016

Jaime-Lee attended ReignMakers for One-to-One coaching to prepare her for the MUGB finals. She concentrated on her catwalk and her interview technique.. With Jaime-Lee's prior experience to the pageant world and having competed in many systems, she particularly absorbed ReignMakers knowledge of the Miss Universe Pageant system, giving her the magical finishing touch. ReignMakers is the official pageant trainer of MUGB, so Jaime-Lee will continued to receive One-to-One coaching for her preparations.

Romy Simpkins - Miss International UK 2016

Romy auditioned for the ReignMakers Potential Beauty Queen Competition in 2015 and successfully received free pageant training for a year. Her transformation into a winning titlehold over the course of 9 months has been remarkable, and it came as no surprise that she won the title at the UK Power pageant scoring the overall highest out of all the contestants. ReignMakers continued to work with Romy to prepare her for Miss international in Japan. she has also gone on to compete at Miss Supranational. 

Cherelle Rose Patterson - Miss Grand England 2016

Cherelle came to ReignMakers for One-to-One coaching focusing on stage presence and catwalk, as well as platform building and interview technique. Cherelle went on to win the England crown for Miss Grand, at the UKs first Power Pageant.

Anjali Sinha -Miss Teen Continents 2016

Anjalia came to ReignMakers for ongoing One to One coaching over the course of 6 months and completed two full courses of training. Anjali went to her pageant in Las vegas, Miss Teen Continents, and took the stage by storm, winning the international title for the UK.

Narissara Nena France - Miss Universe Great Britain 2015

Nena won the title and undertook training with ReignMakers  to prepare her for the Miss Universe 2015 Competition which was held in Las Vegas, December 2015.

Lara Stephens- Miss Earth Wales 2015

Lara won this national title after having ongoing ReignMakers one-to-one coaching. She competed in Vienna at the international finals of Miss Earth.

Sarah Mariko Winterbottom - Miss Scuba UK 2015, Miss Scuba International Top 5.

Sarah came to ReignMakers  for a course of One-to-One coaching before the final of Miss Scuba UK, she then won the title after a series of diving assessments and a grand pageant finale. Sarah went on to compete at the Miss Scuba International competition in Malaysia where she came in top 5.

Larissa Hirst - Miss Hampshire 2015, Miss England Top 15

Larissa attended a ReignMakers Workshop and also came for One-to-One coaching before competing at Miss England. Larissa is an extremely inspiring young woman who came in the Top 15 at Miss England, and won the 'Brainy Beauty' Award.

Jasmine Chavda - Miss Greater London 2015, Miss Great Britain Top 5

Jasmine attended a ReignMakers Workshop and then went on to win the Regional title of the Miss Great Britain Competition. She since competed at Miss Great Britain where she came in the Top 5 as well.


Lin Hussin- Miss Great Britain top 10 (9th Place)

Lin had competed in pageants before but never placed, after a 5 hour one to one Package with ReignMakers , Lin finally made the shortlist in the Miss Great Britain 2018 final, not only did she make the top 15, but placed 9th overall amongst 52 girls from all over the country. Well don Lin, ReignMakers is super proud of you!


Cara Frew- Miss universe Great Britain Second Runner Up 2019

Cara was the ideal ReignMakers  student who worked extremely hard in every area needed for pageant preparation. Cara completed both ReignMakers Workshop  and a one to one package to prepare for her competition. she fine tuned her platforms and also was able to familiarise herself with the Miss universe System

Simren Vernon - Miss Universe Great Britain First Runner Up 2018

Simren attended the ReignMakers Workshop for Miss Universe GB Candidates where she received lessons in personal branding, catwalk, posing and interview techniques. Its sure paid off as she placed first runner up at her first ever pageant, well done Simren!

April Banbury - Miss Great Britain First Runner Up 2016

April was an extremely hard working ReignMakers client who embraced and excelled in every angle of Pageantry possible. She attended One-to-One coaching to refine her on-stage abilities and to increase her stage presence, and also to fine-tune and further develop her platforms.

Victoria Winterford - Miss Universe GB First Runner Up 2015

Victoria came for ongoing  one-to-One coaching over the course of a few months. Miss Universe Great Britain was her very first pageant and ReignMakers is absolutely delighted she placed so highly considering her competitors were extremely experienced pageant girls.

Rachelle Alexander Cadman- Miss Earth Water 2015

Rachelle had ongoing hourly One-to-One coaching to prepare her for Miss Earth England. This was her first time entering a Big Four Pageant, and ReignMakers is delighted she placed so highly; there are great things ahead for this pageant girl.

Kobi-Jean Paris Cole- Miss Great Britain 2nd Runner Up 2015 & 2016

Kobi-Jean purchased a  One-to-One Package and travelled all the way from Bristol to attend her coaching in London. Kobi took on board guidance and techniques like a natural and placed in the Top 5 at Miss Great Britain, Which was her first ever pageant.