"The Uk's first establishment completely dedicated to beauty pageant training"

LSP Coach -  Grace Levy

A word from Grace

" I have been involved in pageants for over 10 years, and now guide other girls to be their best by giving back all my knowledge and skills which I have learnt. Winning a Pageant is not a destination, it is a journey in which girls discover themselves and become women; often a girls wins her own crown before even stepping on a stage. Providing pageant coaching to girls can help hopefuls get even more from every competition they enter, whilst at the same time increase their chances of winning"

Grace's  mission

I am very passionate about the world of pageantry and, in particular, the future for British Beauty Queens. I want not only current titleholders to excel and improve, but also the beginner who is aiming for her first title to feel able to enter that all-important first competition with confidence and knowing fully what to expect.   

My aim is to raise the standard within competitions so that my clients demonstrate excellence from completing an initial competition entry form to the moment they are crowned the winner, and taking the next steps to a national or even international final.  

My mission is to support each and every client with bespoke coaching, with a vision of making our home-grown British Beauty Queens amongst the most excellent, and elegant, in the world. By learning with me you can be assured of the finest coaching, support and guidance. 

It my our hope to not only set you on your path to personal excellence, but to share in your continued journey to success.