"The Uk's first establishment completely dedicated to beauty pageant training"

Student Testimonials


"Thank you Grace for your hard work and determination over the past two months. When I first  attended one of your sessions, I had no idea about posing, walks or interview techniques. I left feeling so confident not only for the Miss Great Britian but also in general. I am so glad I came to see you at  ReignMakers as you have taught me skills that I will take away and use forever. Grace is a friendly face and is approachable about anything and she makes sure she is available for anything you need. Thank you Grace!"

Josie Robins- Miss Charity Award @ Miss Great Britain 2018


“I owe so much of my success to Grace at ReignMakers  who prepared me not only for Miss Universe GB but also Miss Universe. Grace offers completely personalised help and advice and really aims to develop the girl to the best version of herself rather than use a ‘one size fits all’ formula. At ReignMakers , they care for their students and go above and beyond regular tuition. I recommend one on one sessions to be able to maximise on Grace’s vast pageant knowledge and experience which she conveys so passionately. It’s always a pleasure visiting the beautiful venues and I cant recommend ReignMakers enough. Focusing on interview as well as catwalk/ styling is vital and such training is so important in order to prepare for competitions both nationally and internationally to make sure you bring your A-game and British pageantry can step up a notch! Thank you Grace for everything”

Anna Burdzy- Miss Universe Great Britain 2017


The best thing Grace did for me was to believe in me. When I went to see Grace the first time, I left feeling way more confident in myself than I did when I walked in. My self-belief rocketed because Grace believed in me. Where I formerly doubted myself, I now believed I had it in me, I believed if worked hard enough I would go far. Grace is a really good teacher; she helped me to refine my walk and my posing. Grace also helped me to develop my key messages. She did all this whilst encouraging me to be myself. She gave me advice on styling my hair, jewellery, and my dress. We went through my routine for each round of my pageant, how I would walk, how I would pose, even how I would go forward to answer the final question. No detail was skipped over. Grace was very encouraging and really helped me to get ready for my big day. I highly recommended ReignMakers to help you develop your skills and prepare for your pageant. It is worth every penny.

Sarah Jegede- Miss Africa GB


"Grace is a Pageant Guru. She's Transformed me while still staying true to brand Me. A massive confidence boost that empowers you, Grace helps you become the very best version of yourself."



"I've Watched all the videos but nothing has helped more than actually having this training. I thought I had a fantastic walk until I saw it on video! Stage presence is completely different and this training really opened my eyes. Now to practice, practice, practice!"



"The training day was remarkably helpful. I've made improvements in the way I approach interview questions which has made it easier to answer. The training gave me a lot of value in a short period of time. What I was really impressed with was the focus on stage presence and how you can take your walk to the next level. I would highly recommend it!"



"Grace is a wonderful role model for girls who have competed in pageants before and even new comers. I feel more stress relieved, and found a positive change about myself within one day's training session. I also feel more confidently beautiful. Grace has transformed me from a young girl into a young woman."



"The information and formula that ReignMakers  has formed for the interview portion of the pageant is so valuable and will help me immensely with my preparation for my Pageant. I will be using this formula in order to refine and perfect my technique!"



"Grace was so helpful at giving guidance tailored to each individual. I really Learnt so much and now know the areas I need to work on and how to grow in order for me to be my best self."



"Fantastic training and fun! Definitely feel much better and far more prepared than I did coming in. Thankyou Grace, I really enjoyed it."



"The day was an excellent opportunity to really understand how to be the best version of you for the final, covering lots of tips that can be applied for both my pageant and the international finals. Thankyou Grace."



"Grace is amazing at spotting everyone's individual opportunities to grow, and her method of teaching is really easy to understand. She is the best Catwalk and styling teacher I've ever had!"



"Very Thorough training. I left feeling fully educated, prepared and confident"



"I met Grace when I was looking for a pageant coach in London and it proved like a boon to me.
As her name suggests she is a graceful girl with very modest attitude and full of in-depth knowledge about all kind of pageants.
she helped me to groom myself in all directions starting with interview questions, catwalk, posing and final question answers
which helped me a lot to win prestigious titles I own. she just not focus on the looks and catwalk, she trains well to develop the speaking abilities over the stage and presence of mind to answer on-stage questions.
I wish her a great success in life and recommend her to any pageant girl/woman looking for pageant coach."

Nilanjala Sinha- Mrs Earth India


"Grace is an incredible mentor to me. Not only did she teach me how to improve my stage presence and walking technique but she also taught me to believe in myself and fulfil my true potential within pageantry. Grace was extremely warm and friendly, making me feel completely comfortable and at ease whenever I made a mistake. I truly feel that Grace has helped me to grow both as part of the pageant community and as an individual! I would definitely recommend ReignMakers  to anyone looking to start participating in pageants or wanting to improve their technique. Thank you to ReignMakers for helping me to improve so much in such a short period of time!"

-Nelia Martins - Junior Teen Miss Glamourous Beauty 2016


"Grace was a true professional. She taught me so much and was always on hand to help even after our training sessions. I would 100% recommend her to anyone whether you have pageant experience or not. She really made me become the best version of myself."

-April B


"When I first booked my first lesson with ReignMakers  it was a magical introduction between Grace and I; where I came to know taking part in beauty pageants and being a contestant is not about the beautiful gown ,opening dress number or swim suit round. In fact it does contain lots more than those three aspects of a contestant to be part of any beauty pageant. 

Grace made me realise how to be beautiful inside and out, how to excel in pageantry, how to own the stage and how to know that you are the winner and that no one can take away your sparkle if you truly understand the essence of pageantry. In her words it's called how to be confidentially beautiful. I cannot think of anyone more inspiring; she is a true inspiration herself and having 20 hours training full on practice with her fierce cat walk , interview sessions, I was prepared with no negative thoughts in my mind and I rocked the stage . Seriously and I cannot think of a best friend, a best of best pageant coach for you to get prepared for any beauty pageant and to get trained. She is Best for ME, She is Best for YOU so 'Do something nice for yourself '

I loved every part of ReignMakers and Grace Levy who has been my pageant mentor and an amazing elder sister! Thank you so much for teaching and sharing your pageant skills to me. It was so beneficial and I will never forget what you have taught me. You are incredible and I am so honoured to know you. You are the best and you have transformed me beautifully into a pageant queen. It was and forever will be a magical experience working with you, and I shall come again for further training."

-Anjali Sinha - Miss Teen Continents 2016


"I cannot stress enough how much Grace at LSP helped me with my preparation for Miss Universe. I gained so much confidence after having sessions with her, especially after our fierce catwalk classes. Grace is the essence of the Miss Universe tag line "confidently beautiful" and she made me believe in myself too. With her extensive experience and knowledge in pageantry, I cannot think of anyone better to get you prepared for any pageant no matter what level you're at. She was not only there for me professionally, but also as a friend and I will always be grateful for her help. Thank you Grace."

-Nena France- Miss Universe Great Britain 2015


"Grace has taught me so much about myself. She made me believe in myself, my platforms and encouraged me in everything I did. She was always on call for advice from hair styles (you were so right!) to what walk I should use. ReignMakers  is fantastic in every way, She taught me that hard work, dedication and passion will get you where you want to be. Thank you for transforming me into a confident 'Miss', I am so thankful."

-Romy Simpkins - Miss International UK 2016


"Whether this is your first or last pageant, your only one or a start of many, the skills I learnt with LSP, will be carried forward, not just with my pageant journey, but general life. Grace was a joy to work with. Brimming with style and elegance, you couldn’t ask for a better coach. My training with her not only improved my performance on the day but also my confidence and enjoyment of the whole pageant experience. I suffer terribly with nervous and usually vigorously shake on stage, but thanks to LSP, I was so well prepared that this difference in my nerves actually took me back. I have since used the skills taught by Grace in my first live presenting job and they worked a treat again. Competing in pageants isn’t cheap, but we get so wrapped up in the dresses and hotel costs, we forget some of the key skills we need for competition. Grace was worth her weight (and more) in gold. This was (most likely) my last Miss pageant, but I will look at Ms and Mrs one day and my first point of call will be my one to one sessions at LSP. I would say visit Grace before booking your place, choosing the right pageant for you is key and she has so much insider knowledge. It’s not hard to be inspired, when you have Grace on your team. There is so much information online now, but it really doesn’t substitute for one to one training. Going into pageants for the first, second or eighth time can be daunting and LSP was definitely my secret weapon, which I have since told everyone about! I thank her from the bottom of my heart for all her support during sessions and during competition week also. She kept me focused, happy and inspired."

-Jessica R


"I trained with Grace before taking part in Miss Scuba United Kingdom. She was a great coach and helped me a lot not only with my on-stage presence but guided me with interview techniques. I would recommend Grace as a pageant trainer to anyone taking part in pageants whether you are experienced or new to them - she taught me ways to stand out from the others, which can be hard when you are on-stage for only a few minutes. With her help I placed top five in Miss Scuba United Kingdom and went on to win the national title! I continued working with Grace and placed top 5 overall at Miss Scuba International."

-Sarah Winterbottom, Miss Scuba United Kingdom 2015


"I could not recommend ReignMakers  enough. As I was entering of the 'big 3's' of the pageant industry (Miss Earth UK), I knew I needed professional help. I came across LSP and decided to take the trip to London from Wales. I came up for a day's training with Grace and learnt walking, talking, poses, posture, outfit looks, makeup and hair techniques. I felt so ready and excited for the Miss Earth Wales heat when I left - just after 1 day of training! Since leaving ReignMakers, Grace continued to be my stand by coach up to the final which have me reassurance and confidence. I went on to win the Miss Earth Wales 2015 heat and will now represent my beautiful country in the 3rd biggest beauty pageant in the world. Girls, you will not be left in doubt after training with ReignMakers , you will be left with confidence and excitement for which ever pageant you chose to enter."

-Lara Stephen, Miss Earth Wales 2015


"I had such a good day working with Grace, there are so many things to consider before taking part in a pageant and Grace helped and prepared me. We went through different walks, turns and posture and she adapted each walk to different pageants which was helpful for me. I also now have a pageant bible to study in the up run to the finals. If you're serious about your pageant then I would recommend ReignMakers ! Great day out too, set in the most beautiful location in Notting Hill, with lunch, coffee & even a cheeky Bellini"

Ella D


"I just wanted to say how incredible I thought your ReignMakers Workshop was on Saturday. I can't believe how IN DEPTH you were about every detail. You should be so proud of what you have created and I know it's just going to blow up for you this year"

Natalie C


"As a complete newbie to the pageant world I was eager for some professional help with the do's and dont's and everything inbetween. I was lucky enough to then find out about ReignMakers to help train me up for the finals of 'Miss Universe Great Britain' this year.

I have attended both a tutorial day, and also a one - on - one session, both of which i would highly recommend. ReignMakers  is set in the beautiful 'beach blanket babylon' in the heart of Notting Hill, and what a stunning location it is. During the days we were provided with tea/coffee, a lovely lunch and also a cheeky bellini to calm the nerves.
We went through absolutley everything from Walking, Posing, Interview technique, Styling and much more. I honestly came away feeling so much more relaxed and with a much wider knowledge of what my next steps should be. We was even provided with a wonderful 'Bible' that we could take home to study for even more information and further training points.
Whatever pageant you are entering, or planning on entering i would highly suggest that you sign up to ReignMakers , it has been one of the best decisions i made and will continue my training here all the way up to my finals."

Victoria W


Having entered pageants before I decided to attend the ReignMakers  Workshop, Grace was professional, friendly and inspiring, you could tell how much effort she had put in to the day. Just from the one day I feel I have learned so much more about beauty pageants and the next pageant I do I will feed more motivated and confident than ever. Despite it being a tutorial day it felt personalized as Grace gave out so much advice to me and even provided feedback via email after the day. I would 100% recommend ReignMakers. Thank you Grace.

Katie M


"Thank you for the pageant training on Saturday. I had the most wonderful day and feel I have learned so much."

Stephanie P


"Thank you so much Grace for a fabulous day. It was professional, informative and thorough, and I honestly feel that no stone was left un-turned. It's a worthwhile day for anybody looking for pageant preparation advice from a beauty queen with first hand experience of numerous competitions. Thank you again"

Charlotte G